OVER PROJECTS guarantees a flawless execution of industrial projects, employing a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are capable to integrate engineering demands, understand the fiscal/legal environment and deliver efficient logistics solutions.

  • Cost analysis of transport alternatives.
  • Door-to-door logistics.
  • Survey (site survey / road survey / port-vessel inspection).
  • Tax/legal advisory (special regimes / tax benefits).
  • Transportation packages remodeling.
  • Project coordination and consultancy.


OVER PROJECTS can offer international freight solutions for any cargo size. Our experienced Chartering team can find the most suitable carriers and operators for each type of demand, such as:

Ocean transportation:

  • Out-of-gauge cargoes (special containers or MAFIs).
  • Part charter (when cargo quantity is not sufficient to occupy the entire vessel space).
  • Full charter (dedicated vessels).
  • Heavy-Lifts / Ultra heavy-lifts.
  • Semi-submersible.
  • Ocean barges.

River Transportation:

  • Barging services to/from Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.

International Trucking:

  • Trucking services within South American countries.

Air Freight:

  • Aircraft charters for urgent oversized shipments.


OVER PROJECTS can provide door-to-door solutions to ensure a cost effective, safe and timely execution of transportation from factory to jobsite, including or combining:

  • Port operations / terminal handling.
  • Storage / bonded storage.
  • Inventory control.
  • Trucking (contracts with the most reliable heavy haulers).
  • Barging (including load out / load in).
  • Rail services.


OVER PROJECTS offers the best solutions for its customerson moving, rigging, lifting and placing of heavy items.

Our services include:

  • Safety documentation.
  • Lifting plans.
  • Skidding or rolling heavy objects.
  • Equipment rental, mobilization/demobilization.
  • Securing large structures for sea transportation.
  • Designing lifting and erection schemes.
  • Offloading to job foundations.


OVER PROJECTS counts on a team of customs consultants with proven expertise in CAPEX  projects.

With a differentiated working methodology, we can offer our customers more than a clearance service, but a complete fiscal/tax planning oriented by commercial, engineering, tributary, procurement and logistics demands.

Over the past years, our customs consultants have been able to grant major savings to the customers by analyzing in depth their supply packages and redesigning the import planning as to guarantee important tax benefits and special regimes such as:

  • Ex-tarifario.
  • Temporary imports.
  • Drawback.
  • Repetro.
  • Customs storage / certified bonded warehouse.